Audio Alerts for Journalists

News dissemination is becoming increasingly important, in light of the significant advancements in communication, the fast pace at which news spread among the audience and the abundance of news content published daily on the internet. Combined, these factors make the process of keeping track of news and selecting important stories a critical component of today’s media work, as following and classifying daily media content have become a strenuous task for journalists.

News abundance is not the only challenge that journalists face in their daily work. The format of content distribution – particularly the textual format – makes the task of carrying out good journalism more difficult than ever before. This is due to the time needed to explore the wide variety of news content published via different media outlets to select newsworthy materials.

At AETOSWire, we came to an understanding of these challenges and introduced an innovative service that provides journalists with the latest and most important news summaries in a user-friendly format. This service allows journalists to avail of these summaries at all times, even while on the road.

The AETOSWire Audio Alerts for Journalists service aims to provide journalists with audio alerts recorded by experienced anchors. The service is dedicated to journalists, whereas a URL link is directly sent to their smartphones via SMS or WhatsApp message. This allows them to get a quick overview of the latest news headlines by easily clicking the link.

This innovative format represents an extremely valuable service for journalists. It offers them the opportunity to select from summaries of newsworthy stories they want to publish, thus saving them time and effort that they may otherwise spend when seeking out news posted via different news outlets. The AETOSWire Audio Alerts for Journalists will keep journalists informed about the latest news even while on the road. The audio alerts cover economic, business and entertainment news, compiled by the AETOSWire news team, which reviews published news content and adds it to the news summary, resulting in highly valuable news content for journalists.

Building on its decade-long experience in news distribution as the exclusive representative in the Middle East and North Africa of Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway company, AETOSWire enjoys the necessary capabilities and strategic partnerships with global leading news agencies and news stations. This grants AETOSWire access to the top local, regional and international news it needs to prepare its valuable audio alerts for journalists.

The style of news reading is as important as the stories chosen to be published as this ensures they achieve the coveted impact on the target audience. To this end, AETOSWire has resorted to professional and highly experienced news anchors to prepare and present the news content provided in the Audio Alerts for Journalists. This underlines the company’s high level of professionalism and allows it to provide distinguished services that meet the needs of journalists and facilitate their daily media work.

Journalists interested in receiving AETOSWire daily Audio Alerts are kindly required to contact the media relations team at