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Writing a comprehensive top-notch press release that includes all the necessary information is a critical factor to ensure success of distribution, and increase the press release’s chances to be selected by editors and journalists to appear in the main headlines they post via their press and media outlets. It also contributes to expand the reach of press releases and increasing the attention and engagement of the target audience. Fully understanding this vital issue; and the need to provide support material for the textual content, such as images, videos, logos, and other multimedia that boost the interest of the audience; AETOSWire team has innovated a service that provides media and press materials to both journalists and the audience.

AETOSWire, the news distribution arm of News Services Group (NSG) and the exclusive representative in the Middle East and North Africa of Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, has always been keen to facilitate the work of journalists and expand the reach of its clients by driving maximum exposure for their business. Accordingly, the innovative Online PressKit service contains all media and press materials pertaining to each client, allowing journalists to learn all the necessary information about your company and its activities in one place, rather than investigating scattered data.

The key objective of the Online PressKit service is to make important event news and materials about your company easily accessible in one place, and make it really easy for journalists to use them in their content. You can also include a unique URL to provide readers with additional information about your company and products directly from your press release. This will help to capture the attention of a wider audience and encourage them to learn more about your company’s profile, and contributes to communicate your message in a clear and easy manner.

The Online PressKit service will shed more light on your events, and we have created an information-rich, interactive and dedicated page for each of your events. Content related to these events can be shared and distributed electronically via a unique URL, which makes it easier for journalists and the media to gain access to the information intended for them.

The Online PressKit contains all of the necessary information pertaining to your event in an easy-to-use and downloadable format that can be accessed via any web-based platform or smart phone. Garner more attention from journalists and media personnel by directing them to your Online PressKit, where they will have 24/7 access to the following:

  • Audio clips, video, photos, PowerPoint files, and graphs
  • Press Releases
  • Messages from the CEO and other key executives
  • Background information about the company
  • Current and past press coverage archive

The Online PressKit is available through our website. This allows the target audience to view your media materials directly and contribute to expand your company’s reach. You can include a hyperlink in your press release to redirect the audience to the Online PressKit portal on our website to view the required material. This eliminates the need to continuously share large video or photo files with interested parties because they are always available on our website in easy-to-view formats that can be viewed via any computer or smart device, even on the move.

Moreover, all materials can be conveniently translated into other languages, such as English, Arabic and French to make them more accessible to wider audiences. We can also translate into nearly 40 different languages upon request.

The innovative Online PressKit service provided by AETOSWire is an extremely useful and important tool for your press and media coverage. It brings you closer to your target audience, and helps journalists and media personnel to easily locate and select your materials and other news published on our news portal.

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Online PressKit