Financial Disclosure

Profit and growth are the key objectives of businesses around the world. These allow companies to continue providing services to their clients and to further develop and upgrade those services. Accordingly, achieving a budget surplus is an indicator of a company’s success, and enhances its reputation in the market.

With the rapid expansion of international trade and significant progress in financial markets over the past decades, a successful stock market listing is a major milestone for companies in their expansion strategy to strengthen their local, regional and global footprint and enable them to serve a wider customer base worldwide. As a result, governments have provided a set of regulations for listed companies to ensure higher levels of transparency, protect shareholders and encourage open and fair competition between companies.

Regulations established in this regard bind companies to publish their financial results to be reviewed by the audience. This obligation is named Financial Disclosure, which includes information about the company’s balance sheet and financial position, and is published in the form of press releases across major news agencies and international news channels. It is intended to give shareholders and other interested people information about the company's activities and financial position. Financial Disclosure also allows shareholders and investors to assess the company’s financial performance (progress or decline) in order to get an idea about the status of their investment and make more informed investment decisions.

AETOSWire provides financial disclosure services to aid high-profile companies and government entities worldwide publish their financial information in respect to corporate transparency. With these services, we aim to support publication and distribution of financial reports to our clients and ensure compliance with the established deadlines.

AETOSWire, the exclusive representative of Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway company, in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, will efficiently and simultaneously distribute your financial news to all relevant regulatory authorities, investors, and publications in the financial markets. Leveraging its exclusive partnership with Business Wire, AETOSWire also allows you to share your news and financial disclosure statements to equity firms and news agencies like Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Associated Press, AFP, etc.

AETOSWire punctually delivers your unaltered full report throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. We are in more markets than any other Wire service and hundreds of global public companies rely on our accurate, reliable, and secure services to ensure their financial news is compliant, transparent, and distributed to relevant stakeholders. AETOSWire also offers you the opportunity to publish your press releases and financial disclosure statements in your preferred languages, according to your needs and upon your request.

Every financial news report is treated with utmost confidentiality. Prior to distribution, your news is kept in our secure black room, which ensures that your information is never leaked before its designated time of release. This is extremely important, because the proper time of release can yield the coveted results and prevents any leaks that may adversely impact the company’s business or undermine the confidence of its shareholders and investors.

Financial disclosure statements are not a call for shareholders to increase their shares, or for investors to invest in a specific company. This is due to several interacting factors that may affect the company’s performance, notably force majeure events; uncontrollable circumstances; political and economic instability; conflicts; and natural disasters, among others. However, financial disclosure statements provide a general outlook about companies’ business outcomes and performance, and allow shareholders and investors to conduct analysis and researches about future development paths and to make informed decisions.

Companies dedicate significant attention to financial disclosure statements, and regard them as a key pillar for their business activities. This is not only due to the fact that financial statements are a regulatory requirement, but because companies fully understand the importance of financial disclosure statements to build a strong relationship with shareholders and investors, and to reflect companies’ commitment to transparency. These factors help improve companies’ image and reputation in local, regional and global markets.

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