Who We Are?

In the past decade, we have been known as ME NewsWire. We are now AETOSWire.

Our rebranding came as a response to several upgrades in our services that offer substantially wider global distribution circuits through added partnerships, more innovative technologies, stronger quality protocols, and greater Return On Investment (ROI).

AETOS is an adaptation of the Greek words AETOS DIOS (Ancient Greek: άετός Διός) that translates to “The Eagle of Zeus”.

In essence, AETOSWire distributes your news quickly across your target audiences in every corner of the world. We have built an outstanding reputation in the market as the leading news distribution company through our unparalleled track record in successful media outreach. We provide our clients with timely and targeted distribution and financial disclosure throughout our global network and bandwidth that reaches the widest and most niche audiences.

AETOSWire is A TEAM of qualified, professional, and multilingual experts who endlessly endeavor to provide our clients with the global competitive edge. We are the first and only provider in the region to offer news distribution with XHTML formatting and a unique online media kit called Online PressKit. We are a progressive company that always finds ways to transcend our current capabilities in order to be the pioneer in the industry and to provide you with the right tools to reach your target audiences anywhere in the world.

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