Abu Dhabi Community Police Continues to Raise Public Awareness to Fight Begging and Highlight the Dangers of Fireworks

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates-Tuesday 28 June 2016 [ AETOS Wire ]

The Community Police Department at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters continued to raise public awareness during the month of Ramadan to fight against begging and highlight the safety and social dangers of fireworks.


Major Al Hajj Al Menhali, Head of the Community Awareness Section, explained that the community awareness issues being handled by ADP stem from the importance of education and prevention, which is being achieved by providing the community with the maximum means of security, and by promoting a sense of safety and tranquility.


He said that the Ramadan awareness program included events and awareness campaigns that are important to members of the community, pointing out that spreading awareness about begging is a priority within the campaigns organized by the Community Police, along with the additional efforts being exerted by members of the Criminal Investigation Department to arrest the beggars. The crime of begging is considered as one of the behaviors that harms the State and its general image, as well as being a crime that is punishable by law.


He added that the recently-launched fireworks campaign aimed to protect users, especially children, from the dangers of fireworks, which include burns or serious injuries that can destroy their lives.


He pointed out that the Community Police foot patrols have distributed awareness leaflets about begging and fireworks, in both the Arabic and English languages, to residential neighborhoods. The Community Police personnel have also delivered a schedule of lectures in various locations within Abu Dhabi, which have benefitted both parents and children.


Al Menhali also appealed to members of the community not to provide assistance to beggars, stressing that the government has provided many charitable channels to enable those wishing to give to charity to do so. In addition, he confirmed that the correct and legal way to deal with beggars is to report them by calling 999, or use the security number 800 2626. He also called upon parents to teach their children not to use fireworks during Eid Al Fitr because of the dangers involved.

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During the lectures held by Abu Dhabi Community Police (Photo: ME NewsWire)

During the lectures held by Abu Dhabi Community Police (Photo: ME NewsWire)

During the lectures held by Abu Dhabi Community Police at schools (Photo: ME NewsWire)

During the lectures held by Abu Dhabi Community Police at schools (Photo: ME NewsWire)

Permalink : https://www.aetoswire.com/news/abu-dhabi-community-police-continues-to-raise-public-awareness-to-fight-begging-and-highlight-the-dangers-of-fireworks/en