Author Vishal Chipkar’s best-seller ‘Enter Paradise’ now in Arabic

The book is not dedicated to mankind but to for my beloved Allah the mightiest, ultimate Supreme power - Vishal Chipkar

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Sunday 29 September 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

Vishal Chipkar’, a well-known celebrated author of the spiritual book ‘Enter Heaven’ has released an Arabic version of the book, Enter Paradise (Udkhul aljana), expanding his readership in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The Arabic version will first be made accessible in digital format with plans underway to make it available in hardcopy in leading bookstores.

The book, which seeks to help readers unlock a firm understanding of religion through self-realization, focuses on practical problems attributed to man's ego, self-ignorance and immaturity.

The Arabic version follows the success of the English and Marathi versions of the book.

Enter Paradise depicts that Allah values liberal minds that adapt, understand and adhere to supreme consciousness.

The e-book, which is available on Google Books, Amazon online bookstore and Kindle, further seeks to enlighten the reader on the astral eternal guardian, the Holy Prophet Muhammad and Allah's supreme powers. 

According to the author, the book enlightens on how soul-realization allows the reader to view infinite existence, and that soul-realization would raise consciousness to positivity. 

The book intends to unravel the universal religious beliefs on the world's existence. It also seeks to explain how to trend in righteousness.

"Upgrading our conscious minds is the benchmark of knowledge that the mind has realized. Enter Paradise enlightens us on why we need to seek a path to spiritual unity with the supreme heavenly power without conditions. It's a book that's inclusive of religious and non-religious followers,” said Chipkar.

He goes on to add, "This book outlines the journey of the soul before life, in life and afterlife. It will be useful in helping us to preserve the Islamic religion as well as in sensitizing religious matters that hold up the Arabic culture in the global scene."

In the book, Chipkar has also features the nature in which paradise awaits and urges the reader to seek Allah through sincere devotion by worshipping his existence and by reading the Holy scriptures.

The book gives credence to sophisticated and perfect wisdom that looks like that of Allah's architecture on earth.

The author also states that authentic leadership is founded on faith and that only through such leadership could lead to development in social life aspects. 

"No proper interpretation has been made on how the universe exists, the creation of humankind and religion. You will gain much insight from the responsive superhuman-approach on spirituality and consciousness. The magical artwork is a revelation of the existence of religions and the universe," he says.


About the Author

VISHAL CHIPKAR is a well-known and young celebrated mystic author who has described God as non-dual in his famous book, Enter Heaven. His books have been published in nearly 79 countries, in multiple languages. Being a global citizen, Vishal quotes “Accolades achieved on earth does not conclude your real identity as your soul being immortal before and after life”.

Vishal is the owner of a Multinational Corporation but has dedicated his entire life to his Superhuman Monastery initiatives. He is also a goodwill peace ambassador for spiritual advisory to various governments and leaders. Vishal encourages Religious, Non- religious and Atheists followers to upgrade their consciousness in such a way, where he wishes every soul not to be reborn but to unite with the Supreme Power.


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Author Vishal Chipkar’s best seller ‘Enter Paradise’ now in Arabic (Photo: AETOSWire)

Author Vishal Chipkar’s best seller ‘Enter Paradise’ now in Arabic (Photo: AETOSWire)

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