Four Specialized Courses Conclude at the Civil Defense Academy in Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates-Tuesday 23 August 2016 [ AETOS Wire ]

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) marked the graduation of a number of officers and members of staff from the various Civil Defense general directorates. The celebration came after they completed four specialized courses at the Civil Defense Academy in Abu Dhabi. The courses included: Tunnel Accident Handling for GCC Officers, The Operation of Heavy Machinery, Fighting Gas Fires, Crisis and Emergency Response.


Held recently at the Academy’s headquarters, the graduation ceremony was attended by Major General Jassem Muhammad Al Marzouqui, Civil Defense General Commander-in-Chief; Brigadier Mohamed Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Director of the Fire Prevention and Safety Affairs General Directorate; several heads of departments from Civil Defense; and a number of officers from the General Directorate of Civil Defense.


Major General Al Marzouqui watched the field presentations by the graduates, which focused on the skills they had acquired during the courses. The graduates learned the ways to deal with hazardous material leaks, pyrophoric gas leaks and the operational aspects of saving the victims of pyrophoric gas incidents.


In his address, the Civil Defense General Commander-in-Chief expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation for the wise leadership who provides ongoing training for civil defense cadres, thereby to equipping them with the practical experience and field skills to carry out their duties to the fullest.


Major General Al Marzouqui also paid a special tribute to the martyr of duty, Jassim Issa Al Blushi who heroically scarified his life to save others. Al Marzouqui asked God Almighty to rank him highly as a martyr.


For his part, Major Adel Ali Al Shammari, Acting Director of the Academy, stressed the importance of these courses, which reflect the attention paid by the high leadership to the Civil Defense cadres and their continuous development. “The higher leadership endeavors to achieve quality through outstanding training programs and keep abreast of developments in various fields, in order to protect people, the UAE and its national achievements,” he noted.


Major Obeid Al Ramli Al Ameri delivered a speech on behalf of the graduates. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Academy cadres and trainers for their loyalty and dedication in performing their tasks, for their teamwork and for the hard work they put into the training period.


“The graduation of this batch of Civil Defense staff members marks a new phase for work in the field of civil defense. It represents the beginning of self-training emanating from within each trainee to be exemplary in his work,” said Al Ameri, wishing them success in serving their nation.


During the conclusion of his speech, he praised the efforts of all those who participated in the success of these courses, as well as the partners, for their role in elevating and developing training programs for the benefit of society.


Towards the end of the ceremony, Al Marzouqui and Al Nuaimi distributed the certificates and prizes to the graduates.


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A picture of Major General Al Marzouqui with the graduates (Photo: ME NewsWire)

A picture of Major General Al Marzouqui with the graduates (Photo: ME NewsWire)

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