Kerui Petroleum Launches High-Temperature High-Pressure Nitrogen Truck to Help Increase Paraffin Removal Efficiency and Decrease Equipment Costs

DONGYING, China-Tuesday 23 August 2016 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Kerui Petroleum announced that the first paraffin removal operation of their latest independent-developed High-Temperature High-Pressure Nitrogen Truck has been successfully completed at Karamay Oilfield, Xinjiang, where eight paraffin-clogged wells were revived by the new Nitrogen truck. Featuring free switch between normal and high-temperature high-pressure Nitrogen, the truck was appreciated by the client so much because of its wider range of applications, which could ultimately decrease the cost.

The High-Temperature High-Pressure Nitrogen Truck was developed specifically for paraffin removal, plug removal, and heavy-oil exploitation. The oil in Xinjiang is notorious for its paraffin density, which remains the major cause for oil-well plugging and reduction of oil production. The three major existing ways of paraffin removal all have their respective drawbacks. Mechanical paraffin removal is both time-efficient and result-effective; chemical paraffin removal has a high risk of explosion and is not cost-effective; steam paraffin removal not only increases the oil’s water content and decreases the oil quality, but also corrodes pipelines. In order to address the challenges faced by the client, Kerui Petroleum sent an expert team to Xinjiang to examine the paraffin precipitation phenomenon. Based on the fact that as a protective inert gas, Nitrogen will neither induce corrosion to oil production equipment nor affect oil quality, Kerui’s engineers proposed the high-temperature & high-pressure Nitrogen solution and invented the High-Temperature High-Pressure Nitrogen Truck which obtained the National Utility Model Patent.

Under the normal pressure of 35MPa, the output temperature of the High-Temperature High-Pressure Nitrogen Truck can be adjusted steplessly between 50℃ and 300℃. This means the equipment can produce both normal-temperature high-pressure for gas-lift production, mixed foam drainage & coiled tubing well-washing operations, and high-temperature high-pressure Nitrogen for tough operations such as paraffin removal and heavy-oil thermal exploitation. In addition, the free switch between normal-temperature and high-temperature is considered attractive for customers from Northeastern China, Xinjiang Autonomous Region and many Middle East countries to cut costs and boost profits.

“Nitrogen generating equipment & oilfield nitrogen services are the flagship offerings of Kerui Petroleum, which have undergone a decade-long development and enhancement,” Meng Qiaoling, the project director said. “What Kerui provides is beyond its existing equipment and services. We dig deeper into customers’ real demand based on their particular conditions and come up with a tailored comprehensive solution. Our mission is to help our customers solve their problems with the lowest cost and least time, making them feel that Kerui Petroleum is more than just a supplier, but also a trusted partner that facilitates their success.”

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Kerui Petroleum's High-Temperature High-Pressure Nitrogen Truck (Photo: Business Wire)

Kerui Petroleum's High-Temperature High-Pressure Nitrogen Truck (Photo: Business Wire)

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