Law Respect Culture Bureau Organized 233 Lectures and Workshops During 2016

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates-Saturday 7 January 2017 [ AETOS Wire ]

The Law Respect Culture Bureau at the Ministry of Interior organised 233 lectures and workshops that benefited 29,845 persons during 2016. These included 77 lectures for students attended by 15,207 students, parents and faculty members, and were held in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Education Council. The lectures tackled various topics such as children’s rights, the benefits and risks of social media, instilling positive notions of citizenship, and deepening correct behaviours and values.


The Bureau also organised 36 lectures for workers that benefited 9,474 workers in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, and the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones. The lectures shed light on various topics related to the workers’ rights and obligations, common offenses, as well as laws and regulations of the UAE.


Colonel Dr. Salah Obeid Al Ghoul, Director of Law Respect Culture Bureau at the Ministry of Interior, stressed that the Ministry is keen on delivering its legal message to all society members of all ages, categories and segments. The Ministry is also working on raising the level of legal awareness, instilling the Law Respect Culture through two fixed approaches: “legal culture” and “law respect culture” that rely on finding a positive relationship between the individual and the law as it has a primary and important role in protecting lives and rights.


He noted that delivering the legal message in a simplified and understandable way to the largest number of society members is a social necessity that protects individuals, thus affecting their behaviours that may conflict with instilled values and laws of the country, whether willingly or unwillingly.


He pointed that ignoring the law is one of the main reasons behind individuals’ contraventions of legal provisions. He also stressed the importance of finding a social culture that believes in the importance and necessity of respecting the written and unwritten laws such as public morals and values.


The Director of Law Respect Culture Bureau explained that the strategic objective of the events organised throughout the past year lies in promoting the concepts of law respect culture and raising the level of the legal culture among society members and police staff. He noted that the focus of the program included organizing Ministry of Interior councils, conferences, competitions, discussions, and workshops dedicated for housewives to promote upbringing children with a sense of respecting the law, and for women in general to raise their legal culture along with legal awareness by sending more than 200 legal messages and participating in many events in cooperation with partners.


Sports Awareness


The Law Respect Culture Bureau organised last year a number of legal sports workshops that benefited 164 young sportsmen, in cooperation with the UAE Football Association and sports clubs. The workshops focused on law respect culture and sports ethics.


Juvenile Awareness


The Bureau organised a number of social legal workshops attended by 147 juveniles, their guardians, and workers of juvenile care centres, in cooperation with the Juveniles Awareness and Care Association and the juvenile care centres in the UAE. The workshops covered various topics such as the legal culture, combating sexual harassment, patriotism, responsibility of parents and children (rights and duties).


Police Education


In the field of police education, the Law Respect Culture Bureau organised 43 lectures and workshops that benefited 1,893 members of the Ministry of Interior including officers, non-commissioned officers, and new staff members from different sectors and police departments at the UAE level. The lectures and workshops tackled various topics such as rules governing police behaviour, penalties on misconduct, police behaviour, and law respect.


Social Awareness


In relation to social awareness, the Peripheral Offices Section that handles public awareness in the northern and eastern areas of the UAE, organised 24 lectures and workshops that benefited 3,985 persons from different society segments including students, workers, juveniles, athletes and employees.


The Section also organised 43 lectures and workshops that benefited 2,812 staff members from the police general headquarters in the country.


Awareness messages


The Law Respect Culture Bureau has distributed hundreds of awareness messages via print and audio-visual media and through social media websites. These messages were addressed to all society members, contained various legal topics and highlighted the different laws and regulations of the UAE in cooperation with the Tactical Affairs and Security Media Department.


Ramadan Councils


The Bureau organised 44 Ramadan councils including eight women councils in the UAE under the theme “This is What Zayed Loves Most.” These councils discussed a number of human values that form the foundation upon which the Emirati society was built by the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who set the core Emirati features for the country and individuals, thus marking a solid foundation of values, ethics and human vision. This vision resulted in a fruitful tree and materialized in an emerging modern state, whose ambition and development reached global positions; while maintaining its roots deeply entrenched in the land of the UAE and firmly rooted in the heart of the sons of the UAE.


Awareness Councils


The Law Respect Culture Bureau held 39 awareness councils in Abu Dhabi, tackling several social, legal and security topics such as drugs, targeting youth, the culture of reporting crime, cultural communication with domestic workers, and self-restraint.


Taking part in official events and activities


The Law Respect Culture Bureau took part in several official events and activities organised by other entities with the aim to reach out to the largest possible social group and delivering the Bureau’s message related to the necessity of knowing and respecting the provisions of the law. The official events and activities included the International Workers' Day, Education Day, Commemoration Day, National Day and the Book Fair.

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