Leading Police Officials: the Award has Instilled the Concepts of Excellence in Institutional Work

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates-Wednesday 11 January 2017 [ AETOS Wire ]

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) won six awards and two medals in the fourth edition of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Awards, during a ceremony held under the auspices of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. The ceremony that was organized by the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs took place on Wednesday at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.   


In the main category, the Ministry of Interior won the Leading Federal Entity award with more than 500 employees. In the main pillars and sub-criteria awards, the ministry won five other awards, notably the “Best Entity in the field of Innovation”, the “Best Entity in the field of Enablers”, the “Best Entity in Services Provision”, the “Best Achievement of National Agenda” and “Best Joint Service”.


Two staff members of the Ministry received two medals: Colonel Ahmed Mohammed Al Hamoudi received the Prime Minister Medal for the “Distinguished Service Center Director”, while First Warrant Officer Halima Abdullah Al Matroushi won the medal for “Best Administrative Employee”.


Excellence as a Strategic Choice


A number of leading police officials said that the fourth edition of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Awards 2016 is one of the key enablers to instill the concepts of excellence in institutional work within government entities. They also emphasized that excellence has become a strategic option for all ministries and government bodies and institutions in the UAE, thanks to the wise leadership’s efforts to provide the appropriate environment conducive to creativity by encouraging talented national staff members and enabling them to make contributions and distinguished innovations in various areas of work.


Promoting a Culture of Creativity


Lt. General Saif Abdullah Al Sha’far, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Interior, indicated that the fourth edition of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Awards contributes to improving government performance, empowering human resources in the country, as well as spreading the culture of innovation, loyalty and excellence amongst all public sector employees.


Lt. General Al Sha’far expressed his heartfelt thanks to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, for launching, supporting and sponsoring this award.


He said: “This milestone represents another addition to the Ministry of Interior’s prestigious record of achievements in its quest towards excellence. The ministry has relentlessly endeavored to disseminate the culture of quality and excellence via different mechanisms amongst staff members in its various headquarters and departments nationwide and was keen to organize workshops to allow staff members to review the latest developments in the areas of institutional excellence”.


Furthermore, Lt. General Al Sha’far stressed that this achievement is the result of the direct support and attention dedicated by Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior to the work teams. “His Highness has played an instrumental role in encouraging the Ministry’s staff members to provide and implement innovative ideas,” he continued.


Moreover, Lt. General Al Sha’far reiterated the commitment of the Ministry of Interior to achieve the highest standards of quality, excellence and leadership, in line with the country’s strategic objectives. He also pointed out that the Ministry seeks to enhance performance by sharing expertise and knowledge with the different outstanding government entities.


The Undersecretary at the Ministry of Interior called for intensifying efforts and reinforcing capabilities to maintain the achievements, forge ahead towards further development and progress and achieve the vision of the higher leadership for the future of the UAE. “The Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award was created to instill the culture of excellence and develop administrative thinking on both procedural and practical levels, so as to confer a single unified identity to the different institutions and bodies in the federal government, which is characterized by efficiency and excellence,” he continued.


Symbol of Leadership


H.E Lt. General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chairman of the Dubai Police and General Security, affirmed that the Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award is an acknowledgment of leadership and excellence. He expressed his thanks to the Award’s sponsor and supporter, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.


He said: “It gives me great pleasure to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, for this well-deserved accolade, because His Highness is the major sponsor of innovation and excellence. The Ministry has once again bagged prestigious awards, despite the sets of criteria and modern and developed prerequisites of the fourth generation of the award, which focuses on innovation and creativity.”


“Winning these prestigious awards is an incentive for us police and security bodies to pursue further excellence and development to maintain the highest standards of performance in accordance with the best international practices. And as of now, we will endeavor to further develop work processes and maintain the spirit of competition and enthusiasm,” he continued.


Lt. General Tamim considered the Ministry’s epic win is testament to a long journey of unrelenting giving and excellence. It is also an incentive for everyone to pursue institutional development and double the efforts to maintain leadership. He added that the UAE government, supported by the wise leadership, is providing the necessary resources to encourage innovators and outstanding people.


In conclusion, Lt. General Tamim said that the Interior Ministry has dedicated particular attention to knowledge transfer and exchange of expertise. He noted: “The ministry has loyal personnel to serve the processes of government work, and has introduced numerous electronic and smart systems to achieve customers’ happiness. It also endeavors to exchange expertise and views, which would contribute to upgrade performance and achieve leadership, excellence and quality.”


High-quality performance


Major General Dr. Nasser Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi, Secretary General of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, attributed the epic achievement made by the ministry to the directives and vision of Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. “His Highness has always been a fervent advocate of the excellence journey at the ministry, which helped to achieve important strides in the strategic development process, laying emphasis on the constant modernization of strategic plans as its main priorities,” he said.


He reiterated the higher leadership’s commitment to achieve excellence excellence and maintain the achievements made during the prestigious journey to attain safety and security. “The Ministry of Interior is steadily forging ahead towards achieveing the coveted aspirations, through the UAE’s strategic vision focused on working efficiently to turn the UAE into one of the best countries in the world in terms of safety and security,” he continued.


Adding further, Major General Al Nuaimi said: “Our leadership has achieved excellence and has laid a strategy to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, competency, and high-quality performance.” Furthermore, he noted that the awards won by the Ministry of Interior recognize the intrinsic values by which it operates; notably honesty, fairness, innovation, transparency, teamwork, entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, learning and continuous improvement.


Spreading awareness about the principles of excellence


 Major General Dr. Abdul Quddous Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidly, Assistant Director General of Total Quality at Dubai Police, pointed out that national awards that reward excellence encourage efforts and create positive competitiveness amongst national institutions and ultimately reflects on the progress and performance development in general. “Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Awards are a tool to measure compliance with the standards and requirements of excellence in all aspects of work, so as to reflect on the quality of services provided to the public and serve the higher interest of our homeland. This would ensure that UAE remains an oasis of security, prosperity, and progress,” he continued.


He explained that the award’s different categories can contribute to spreading awareness on the principles of excellence, as well as the importance of excellence for modern government sectors and its role in enhancing the necessary skills to boost excellence in all of the federal government institutions.  “The award can also measure the progress made by federal government agencies in their journey towards excellence and in achieving customers’ satisfaction. It also marks a paradigm shift and a comprehensive development in the different ministries’ and federal government institutions’ performance,” he said.


In conclusion, Major General Al Obaidly lauded the continuous support dedicated by the police leadership to the excellence teams at the ministry, recognizing departments, projects and practices or distinguished individuals, which had a clear and significant impact on all stages of work. “This support reflected positively on the work teams that were keen from the outset to maintain continuous development. He also reiterated the Ministry of Interior’s determination to continue developing and improving performance, and achieving additional international prizes in this area.


Excellence and leadership


Colonel Nasser Khadem Al Ka’bi, Head of the Customer Service Department at the Ministry of Interior, stressed the MoI’s keenness to attain the highest standards of excellence and leadership by implementing international best quality and excellence standards, in line with the MoI’s vision and mission. He stressed the need to comply with the MoI’s distinguished strategic approach, and to seek constant performance development and improvement.


He congratulated HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, for the awards bagged by the MoI, and expressed his thanks to His Highness’s unrelenting support for outstanding staff members. In conclusion, he noted that His Highness’s directives are the key incentive for work and excellence.


 Continued support and wise directives


Commenting on the Ministry of Interior’s epic achievement, Major Dr. Ali Abdullah Bin Daen Al Ghafli, Head of the Corporate Excellence Department, said that the Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award in its fourth edition, embodies the UAE strategy and the aspirations of the wise leadership aimed at motivating public sectors’ staff members to attain excellence and creativity and to work based on the values of quality and efficiency.


He pointed out that excellence; creativity and quality work have become an approach sought after by the various state institutions, and constitute a part of the responsibility towards the country and its people. This approach has earned the UAE prestigious international positions in various fields.


Major Al Ghafli also stressed that the award has provided the appropriate positive environment to stimulate government departments and agencies to adopt the concept of excellence and creativity. He pointed out that this epic achievement was made possible thanks to the directives of the wise leadership and  teamwork spirit pursued by the Ministry of Interior, which is the real asset to hone capabilities, increase productivity, and ensure continuous development and progress.


In conclusion, Major Al Ghafli indicated that the continuous support and wise directives of Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, have allowed the Ministry of Interior to receive several awards in the various categories of the award. This achievement also embodies His Highness’ keenness to pursue further development and modernization and achieve excellence.


Medal Recipients: ‘The accolade is an incentive for further excellence


MoI’s staff members, winners of medals in the different categories of the fourth edition of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award, stressed their keenness to pursue diligent efforts towards superiority and excellence. They emphasized that the award motivates them to make additional efforts.


Colonel Ahmad Mohamad bin Kaseb Al Hamoudi, winner of the Prime Minister Medal for Best Service Center Director, extended his congratulations to governmententities, institutions and departments that received the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award. He said that this accolade constitutes a source of pride for citizens and recognizes these entities’ achievements in these fields.


“It gives us great pride to extend congratulations to the Ministry of Interior, which was at the forefront of the honorees and award recipients in the award’s different categories. This milestone was not a mere act of luck, but the result of unrelenting efforts and diligent endeavors to attain the highest levels of distinction and excellence,” he said.


Halima Abdullah Al Matroushi, Administrative Warrant Officer at Fujairah Police General Headquarters who received the Prime Minister’s Medal for the ‘Best Administrative Employee’, said that the multiple awards bagged by the MoI reflect the sustained quest towards excellent performance and the priority given by the ministry to provide the best services. She also noted that this is not the first time that the ministry is recognized in the administrative field.


In conclusion, she noted that this accolade embodies the Ministry of Interior’s ongoing efforts to provide the best services and reflects its commitment to live by values such as satisfaction, excellence, efficiency, creativity and responsibility. This would allow the Ministry to enhance institutional performance and achieve its mission, notably to represent, support and protect society’s interests.


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