Modern Policing for Crime Prevention Conference Concludes in Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates-Tuesday 22 November 2016 [ AETOS Wire ]

The Modern Policing for Crime prevention conference concluded yesterday at the Anantara Eastern Mangroves Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The Conference, which was organized by the Ministry of Interior’s Innovation Center, is part of the activities carried out by the ministry to mark the UAE Innovation Week.


The conference discussed two main themes, smart surveillance and road safety; and information security and cyber crime prevention efforts. The Abu Dhabi Police GHQ took part in the conference with a presentation about road safety and speed of response, submitted by a team of specialized officers.


Colonel Mohammed Hamid bin Dalmouj Al Dhaheri, Strategy and Performance Development Director General at the Ministry of Interior, underlined the importance of prospecting the future while dealing with expected events and the necessary procedures in policing and security work.


Colonel Al Dhaheri praised the efforts exerted by the experts and lecturers to share their experiences and expertise, which contributed to the success of the conference. Moreover, he highlighted the conference’s valuable role in prospecting the future as per a specialized scientific methodology based on enhancing security preparedness, addressing potential challenges and promoting safety within the community.


The conference also discussed the importance of government accelerators and called for the need to enact legislations to address the challenges facing the transition into the future. At the conference, a number of advanced technologies were showcased, such as the CCTV cameras, which support police and security efforts in the future and enhance road safety around the clock.


Panel sessions tackled police efforts to strengthen security and safety and the close correlation between smart services, command room, control room, the operations room, the Air Wing and the Operations Room’s Technical Support Section. The attendees also tackled the importance of advanced technologies in the process of receiving notifications from the public; streamlining traffic flow and ensuring prompt search and rescue operations. They also reviewed the various applications and innovations that benefit the public, notably data-mining techniques to establish models (classifiers) for minor accidents between two vehicles, according to a study that reduces patrols access time by providing sophisticated service to customers; as well as the alerts and notifications application via smart phones using the ID card, which is closely linked to the Ministry of Interior’s database.


The conference shed the light on the significant evolution made by the Ministry of Interior in terms of ensuring the security, safety and protection of information, data and smart e-services, compared to the Ministry's methodology before transition to e-government. The attendees also discussed the Ministry’s efforts to ensure the protection and security of documents by providing digital and electronic version of all paper documents in various emirates through secure data containers that ensure the delivery of information and data in a safe manner to security agencies through intelligent and sophisticated systems available via mobile phones and smart devices. All of these technologies have allowed the Ministry to provide more than one-third of its services electronically to citizens, residents and visitors to the UAE.


The Conference also reviewed the Italian police’s experience in dealing with cyber crime, by implementing a new methodology that focuses on different types of crimes and ways to prevent them. It also tackled the different means to obtain security information via the Internet or social media to identify channels of communication between users, according to a well-organized procedure that is independent from the applicable software or products.


Also on the agenda, the Conference tackled the ‘Smart Officer’ services that allow police and security personnel to carry out their tasks and achieve the strategic objectives via a wide range of advanced services. These services include  the Smart Search portal; the Smart Accident Modeling, and the issuance of Smart Traffic Fines App. These services contribute to strengthening policing and security work promptly and conveniently.


The conference also tackled the new and sophisticated forensic software that play an instrumental role in uncovering and reducing crime, and identifying criminal methods. Also on display were e-crime maps that show crime incident levels and data in the emirate of Dubai, in an effort to prevent such crimes and reduce alarming notifications in the areas of jurisdiction.


Al Hosani: the Importance of Prospecting the Future through advanced Technologies to Enhance Security and Safety


Major Jamal Al Hosani, Deputy Director of the Air Support Department at the Directorate General of Security Support at the Ministry of Interior, commended the valuable topics discussed by the Modern Policing for Crime prevention conference. He stressed the importance of prospecting the future through advanced technologies and devices that enhance safety and security in society.


He indicated that the Air Support Department delivered a presentation showcasing the use of drones in policing and security work. He said: “It is important to upgrade to bigger drones with flight times of up to 20 hours, which may be equipped with several devices to support leaders’ directives and facilitate  decision-making while dealing with emergencies and ensuring safety in various conditions.”


Major Al Hosani also pointed out that the UAE Innovation Week is a unique opportunity to review the wide array of innovative ideas that contribute to promoting the modern security concept based on the use of the latest technologies, which include providing of the Air Support with advanced devices that meet the aspirations of the government in supporting policing and security work. “The participants and experts at the conference shared practical experiences, expertise and future perspectives that emphasize the role of modern technology and state-of-the-art and innovative services in the field of security,” he added.


Major Al Hosani stressed the Air Support Department’s commitment to keep abreast of developments and changes in today's world. “It plays a vital role in police support and provides leading and sophisticated police services. It also carries out several tasks that contribute to support police and security activities, through qualified and trained personnel,” he explained. Moreover, he noted that the drones are used to monitor the perimeter, detect traffic movement by following-up the event, and covering a wide geographical area. “This would allow field patrols to identify the traffic situation accurately, and take the appropriate decisions to streamline traffic and reduce congestion, as well as support rescue teams in case of emergencies,” he concluded.


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