MoI Enhances Customer Satisfaction in Servicing Sectors

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates-Monday 22 August 2016 [ AETOS Wire ]

The Ministry of Interior is currently offering educational opportunities on delivering customer satisfaction in the service sectors, via a number of workshops organized in various police departments in Sharjah. This initiative is being held within the framework of the Emirates Government Service Excellence Program.

Major Ahmad Al Mansouri, Chief of the Skills and Communications Section in the Customer Service Department, explained that the workshops tackled the importance of a proud employee’s eagerness to provide a distinguished service while welcoming customers, listening to them and understanding their needs. He also noted that the various entities dedicated to customer satisfaction are achieving their goals by providing a welcoming environment that enhances the culture of happiness and positivity; offering a fast and simple service to guarantee customer satisfaction, justice and equality; and exceeding expectations.

He pointed to the necessity of customer feedback within the framework of this process to provide correct and updated information and documents, as well as providing constructive comments and innovative and positive suggestions. It is also intended to participate in the design of services and the outlook of future services, and promoting the resulting happy and positive experiences with others.

It is worth noting that the workshops are held within the framework of the Emirates Government Service Excellence Program, which focuses on motivating governmental entities to launch and adopt initiatives, projects and policies that aim to achieve happiness and positivity in society. It also aims to establish happiness and positivity as a culture in the UAE, spread awareness of its importance, and develop the indicators to measure the happiness and positivity of governmental entities on a national level.

The workshops were attended by heads of departments and the directors of customer satisfaction centers in various sectors of the Ministry of Interior.

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MoI Enhances Customer Satisfaction in Servicing Sectors (Photo: ME NewsWire)

MoI Enhances Customer Satisfaction in Servicing Sectors (Photo: ME NewsWire)

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