MoI Provides Consultation to Shoppers in Al Ain to Enhance the Values of Good Citizenship

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates-Saturday 25 June 2016 [ AETOS Wire ]

Shoppers were provided with professional psychological advice and pointers on the psychology  of self-development, presented by the Creativity and Leadership Development Center at the General Secretariat of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior (MoI). The session was provided via an Introductory Platform staged at the Bawadi Mall in Al Ain on Friday to celebrate Zayed Humanitarian Day. The objective was to enrich the values of good citizenship, promote positivity and build essential lines of communication with all segments of society.


Sheikh Mohammad bin Khalifa bin Sultan bin Shakhboot Al Nahyan inspected the Platform while inaugurating the event, which was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, in the presence of Salim Mohammed Balrkad Al Ameri, as well as a number of personalities and attendees. Sheikh Mohammed reviewed the Creativity and Leadership Development Center activities, which saw an impressive turn-out from the public, who benefitted from the consultation services that were provided.


Major Dr. Omar Ibrahim Al Ali, Director of the Leadership Development Center, stressed the MoI’s eagerness to promote security awareness and meet the needs of society. This is in line with the Center’s objectives, which aim to develop leadership skills and promote key competencies by raising communal and intellectual awareness of embracing administrative, social and leadership skills. These skills will help people to handle various interactions, events and communication with others positively and effectively, which are necessary requirements in building people up to reach the highest levels of progress and prosperity.


“The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development invited the Center to participate and celebrate the programs delivered on Zayed Humanitarian Day. We are commemorating the passing of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and expressing gratitude for his part in both the UAE and worldwide pathways to humanitarianism,” he said. He pointed out the depth of corporate and strategic partnership between the Center and the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development in maintaining the values of loyalty and belonging. These values also promote the basis of social communication and cohesion, as well as the spirit of cooperation and sustainable development.


Captain Suhail Al Kebti, the General Supervisor of the Introductory Platform, commented that the platform has achieved numerous objectives by interacting with the public and educating them on methods for self-motivation, flexible thinking, communication skills, time management, priorities, the basis of problem solving and decision making. This was in addition to other skills that aimed to instill the values and principles of good citizenship and patriotism, thereby creating a generation armed with all the knowledge and skills that go hand-in-hand with the sweeping rise of the UAE in the fields of excellence and innovation.


He explained that the various activities presented at the Introductory Platform in Bawadi Mall included psychology lectures that aimed to raise the public’s awareness of the psychology of leadership and humanitarian development. This is in line with the MoI’s eagerness to maintain meaningful social activities at the forefront of the participants’ minds, sparing no effort to enlighten and serve society for the positive outcome of creating more opportunities to promote security and stability.

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MoI Provides Consultation to Shoppers in Al Ain to Enhance the Values of Good Citizenship (Photo: ME NewsWire)

MoI Provides Consultation to Shoppers in Al Ain to Enhance the Values of Good Citizenship (Photo: ME NewsWire)

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