Sharjah Community Police Helps the Traffic and Patrols Department in the Challenge of Reducing Fatalities on Maliha Road

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates-Saturday 7 January 2017 [ AETOS Wire ]

The Community Police at Sharjah Police, in cooperation with the Traffic and Patrols Department, launched a series of initiatives as part of the outreach campaign implemented by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) under the slogan “The Safer You are, The Happier They Are.” The campaign aims to accomplish the challenge of reducing the fatalities caused by traffic accidents on the five most dangerous roads countrywide, including the Maliha road. It is noteworthy that this campaign comes in response to the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai to accelerate the achievement of the National Agenda objectives aimed at enhancing road safety, through the government accelerators initiative.


The activities and events carried out by the Community Police include distributing awareness flyers and publications on drivers in highway rest houses and petrol stations.


Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Ahmad Saeed Al Naour, Deputy Director of the Traffic and Patrol Department at the Sharjah Police GHQ underscored the Department’s endeavors to implement a number of initiatives aimed at creating a safe traffic environment free from accidents and injuries. “The goal is achieved by joining efforts, strengthening partnerships and tackling both internal and external issues so as to enhance road safety. The Department is also striving to intensify efforts to achieve traffic safety on roads in response to current challenges in reducing death on roads which witnessed the highest number of major accidents that resulted in fatalities and serious injuries. These include the Maliha road which is one of the five most dangerous roads nationwide,” said Al Naour.


Additionally, Al Naour pointed out that the Department has coordinated and cooperated with the Community Police Department to adopt unified awareness-raising plans and programs, in addition to taking all preventive measures to reduce accidents. “This cooperation is executed under one umbrella, and is going according to short and long term plans and programs, in order to achieve the coveted objectives of promoting safe behavior while driving and creating a safe traffic environment,” noted Al Naour.


The Deputy Director of the Traffic and Patrol Department noted that the Media and Public Relations Department of the Sharjah Police supports the efforts of this campaign by intensifying its awareness messages through various channels, and supporting its strategic partners of cooperating media organizations so as to complete the joint action ecosystem.


“The firstling of this cooperation included intensifying direct and indirect societal awareness for drivers, distributing awareness leaflets in highway rest houses along the Maliha road, and explaining the dangers of traffic violations on the lives of road users, such as speeding, the biggest threat to life and property,” he added.


The Deputy Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department at the Sharjah Police GHQ noted that the community police department is one of the active departments at Sharjah police. “It has implemented many special social initiatives that promote social behavior and individual responsibility,” he indicated. Moreover, he stated that these initiatives and programs will be adapted in order to promote traffic awareness to spread messages addressed to community members to influence the behavior of motorists and to achieve optimism.


Al Naour called upon all motorists and members of the community to listen to the awareness messages and abide by their meaningful content in order to achieve safety for everyone. “Traffic safety is a shared responsibility, we all have to cooperate to preserve the lives and safety of road users,” he concluded.


It is noteworthy that the Sharjah Police, in cooperation with its strategic partners, carried out a field study to evaluate and control road speeds in Sharjah. The study recommended reducing the speed limit on Maliha Road from 120 Km/h to 100 Km/h; especially on the stretch of road between Al Badea Bridge and Sheikh Khalifa road exit in order to maintain the safety of road users and reduce fatal traffic accidents. This particular stretch of road is currently undergoing maintenance carried out by the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.


Government Accelerators… Futuristic Mechanism


Government accelerators are a future-focused work mechanism, which includes joint work teams from government, private and academic sectors. Five core sectors will be key thrust areas under an ambitious plan to achieve the national agenda goals accelerating the implementation of the strategic government projects through dedicated and innovative workspaces comprehending joint work teams that operate under the supervision of a group of trainers, supervisors and global competencies, to provide intensive programs in short periods.


Government accelerators provide services to support the various involved government agencies, whose primary goal is to accelerate the achievement of the national agenda’s objectives in four key areas i.e. national indicators, policies, programs and initiatives, in addition to government services. It includes forming joint work teams from various state entities, to address the challenges and achieve the goals, by leveraging global experiences and innovations, as well as achieving leadership and excellence in government work through the implementation of projects and experiences through pioneering and innovative work methods to ensure quick results and sustainability.


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