Speed Limit on Maliha Road Reduced from 120 to 100 Km/h effective January 1st 2017

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates-Sunday 1 January 2017 [ AETOS Wire ]

The Traffic and Patrols Department at the Sharjah Police Headquarters conducted a field study in cooperation with its strategic partners to assess speed limits on dangerous roads with the highest rate of serious accidents rates, causing fatalities and serious injuries, in order to promote traffic safety on these roads.


The study recommended reducing the speed limit on Maliha Road from 120 Km/h to 100 Km/h; especially on the stretch of road between Al Badea Bridge and Sheikh Khalifa Street exit in order to maintain the safety of road users and reduce fatal traffic accidents. This particular stretch of road is currently undergoing maintenance carried out by the Ministry of Infrastructure Development. The new speed limit on Maliha Road will be implemented as of January 1st, 2017 to help promote traffic safety along this road.


Lt. Colonel Dr. Ahmed Al Na'our, Acting Director of Traffic and Patrols Department in Sharjah, noted that the speed limit reduction comes in line with the Ministry of Interior’s strategic goal to enforce “traffic safety”, because excessive speed is one of the major causes of traffic accidents.


“Reducing the speed Limit on Maliha Road is in support of the Ministry of Interior's Government Accelerators’ team’s efforts to reduce road accident fatalities on five dangerous highways in the UAE by 21 percent during the challenge times on year-to-year basis,” he said.


Al Na’our added that the department has intensified its efforts to achieve traffic safety, and is working tirelessly to implement a number of initiatives to promote traffic safety and reduce fatalities. These steps aim to elevate the traffic system and to achieve the goals of the Sharjah Police Headquarters, which emanate from the MoI’s strategy.


Acting Director of Traffic and Patrols Department called upon all motorists to adhere to the speed limits to preserve their lives and the lives of other road users.


Government Accelerators ... Future-focused work mechanism


Government accelerators are a future-focused work mechanism, which includes joint work teams from government, private and academic sectors. Five core sectors will be key thrust areas under an ambitious plan to achieve the national agenda goals accelerating the implementation of the strategic government projects through dedicated and innovative workspaces where joint work teams operate under the supervision of a group of trainers, supervisors and global competencies, to provide intensive programs in short periods.


Government accelerators provide services to support the various participating government agencies, whose primary goal is to accelerate the achievement of the national agenda’s objectives in four key areas i.e. national indicators, policies, programs and initiatives, in addition to government services. It includes forming joint work teams from various state entities, to address the challenges and achieve the goals, by leveraging global experiences and innovations, as well as achieving leadership and excellence in government work through projects and experiences that employ pioneering and innovative work methods to ensure quick results and sustainability.


It is worth mentioning that the MoI is leading the challenge team to "Reduce accident fatalities on five highways”. To achieve this objective, the ministry has taken a number of measures and formed a government accelerators work team, which includes representatives of strategic partners and of traffic and patrols’ departments across the UAE’s police general headquarters. Work is currently underway on relevant plans and strategies towards achieving this goal.


The ministry launched an awareness campaign "The Safer You are, The Happier They Are" across all media as a part of these steps. The Security Media Department at the MoI is coordinating with the police general headquarters participating in the campaign, by launching awareness messages through websites and official accounts on the ministry and the police general headquarters’ social media accounts, in order to raise awareness about the causes of fatal accidents and how to avoid them.


The Umm Al Quwain Police General Headquarters increased its efforts and focus on the Mohammed Bin Zayed Road in Umm Al Quwain to reduce accident fatalities, as a part of the objectives of the government accelerators.

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Permalink : https://www.aetoswire.com/news/speed-limit-on-maliha-road-reduced-from-120-to-100-km-h-effective-january-1st-2017/en


Permalink : https://www.aetoswire.com/news/speed-limit-on-maliha-road-reduced-from-120-to-100-km-h-effective-january-1st-2017/en