SwipeStox Starts Live Trading

FRANKFURT, Germany & LONDON-Thursday 7 April 2016 [ AETOS Wire ]

  • SwipeStox focuses on mobile trading in financial markets, “mobile-first”
  • SwipeStox is an open platform for brokers or banks aiming to offer their clients a mobile service

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Frankfurt based company SwipeStox GmbH starts live trading of financial instruments with their app SwipeStox. The start-up wants to inspire its users around the globe to share their successes and actively participate in their community.

Following a six-month trial phase, the mobile social-trading app SwipeStox has started live trading of indices, commodities, forex and CFDs. A core feature of the app is the sharing of and active exchange on successful investments and positions with other users – so-called social trading. SwipeStox allows its users to publish their own trades as well as copy those published by others in real time. Each time a trade is copied, SwipeStox pays a bonus directly to the user who published it. The app also offers a great array of social functions such as an interactive leader board, news, a chatroom and a “trader-radar”, and excels with its elegant and simple user interface.

The London-based, FCA-regulated forex broker One Financial Markets (OFM) is the first live trading partner on SwipeStox. Users may synchronize their existing account with OFM in real time, or open a new account directly via the app. The innovative trading platform and winner of the 2016 FinovateEurope Award has begun to globally connect brokers and banks. SwipeStox promotes uniquely fast and seamless integration by deploying its own advanced application programming interface (API). The start-up promises its partners a direct, uncomplicated extension to mobile trading that is sure to benefit their clients who want to trade on the move and in a more socially engaging fashion.

Benjamin Bilski, founder and CEO of Swipestox GmbH, commented: “Today, we are globally the most advanced platform for trading with stock market instruments. After one-and-a-half years, two million lines of code and with a team of thirty, we have reached our first milestone: live trading.” He continued: “It is important to point out that SwipeStox is not merely a simple frontend displaying a closed trading system on a mobile device. The technological edge stems mainly from our proprietary API, which we developed in-house. It enables us, and only us, to connect any broker or bank to the platform within hours. We are actually specializing in normalizing real-time data in order to enable users to trade for themselves, or with others, barrier free, and to let them publish or copy trades from each other.”

SwipeStox will be announcing further brokers and banks to be connected to the platform in the coming weeks. In addition, further features are in the making, such as an interactive newsfeed allowing users to trade directly “from the news” in real time.

The app is available for smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS.





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Ben Bilski at FinovateEurope 2016 (Photo: Business Wire)

Ben Bilski at FinovateEurope 2016 (Photo: Business Wire)

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