Welcome the Holy Spirit of Ramadan with Daiso Japan

Choose from a range of products and celebrate the spirit of giving!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Monday 14 May 2018 [ AETOS Wire ]

Welcome the Holy Spirit of Ramadan with Daiso Japan (Press Video: AETOSWire)

Daiso Japan, UAE’s most loved retail store has established a niche market of patrons in the region. It has sustained over time, with a belief that products should offer great value for incredibly affordable prices. It is known for its creative and innovative designs merged with Japanese quality, and it tends to offer the most exciting and attractive shopping experiences which guarantees customers with ‘fun & surprises’ on every visit! The key to its global appeal, and undoubtedly its success, is the absolute focus on quality, variety and uniqueness in all its product categories. Daiso Japan has always kept its products up-to-date keeping in mind the consumers’ needs and wants in their day-day life.

Daiso Japan places huge focus on seasonal and holy festivals, with dedicated products for each celebrated time of the year. From gifts, wrapping, decoration to whatever you are looking for - Daiso Japan has it all covered. Following suit, the brand ushers into the holy month of Ramadan by allowing its customers to rejoice over the spirit of generosity as it intends to bring together friends and families through the joy of giving. With this thought, the brand has reignited its creative streak by making available a comprehensive range of products to choose from. There is a range of Ramadan products one can choose from; ranging from delightful Ramadan decors, dinnerware, and ceramics to eye-capturing danglers, lanterns and giveaway bags & boxes.

Whether it is after a refreshing Iftar or during enjoying a Sehri with loved ones, Daiso Japan will help you embrace the spirit of giving and happiness with its exclusive Ramadan collectives. This joy will further intensify when you know that most of these are being offered at an irresistibly low range of prices.

The much loved retail store has more than 4,000 stores, with 55 stores currently in the GCC region, 36 in the UAE, and the remaining stores located across Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Over the years, Daiso Japan has become deeply entrenched into the tradition of the UAE; specially the holy festival of Ramadan. Taking forward the tradition, this year too; Daiso Japan aims to uphold the spirit of the Ramadan by facilitating moments of giving, happiness and togetherness by availing varied sets of products for Ramadan. Daiso Japan’s goal is to allow consumers to create some precious memories with their loved ones; and cherish the joy of sharing, making it one of their most special and memorable Ramadan, this and every coming year.


Daiso Japan was launched in December 1977 by founder, Mr. Hirotake Yano, and is headquartered in Higashi, Hiroshima City, Japan. There are currently over 4,000 stores across the world with sales exceeding USD 3 billion annually. Every Daiso store adheres to the founding principles of the business: Quality, Variety, Uniqueness.

Daiso Japan has a wide spread presence in the GCC since 2004, with 36 stores in UAE and several stores in Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The brand is operated under the franchise agreement of Lals Group and Damas Group.      

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Daiso launches an exclusive range of products for Ramadan (Photo: AETOSWire)

Daiso launches an exclusive range of products for Ramadan (Photo: AETOSWire)

Permalink : https://www.aetoswire.com/news/welcome-the-holy-spirit-of-ramadan-with-daiso-japan/en